Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Middle to Present

Aug 31 2005
Mona Brewer and her husband Bobby (former pastor) file suit against Paulk.
Mona alleges Paulk manipulated her into a 14 year sexual relationship. Bobby Brewer claims that he let Paulk borrow more than $ 400,000 to help pay part of the Jessica Battle settlement.

October 2005
Cindy Hall comes forward soon after Mona, confessing she also had an affair with Paulk.
She was the first baby born into the Paulk ministry.

Sidebar-- Where do I start???? How about a little back tracking. Rumors circulated months before the actual allegations came out, that there was something wrong. I first remember hearing that Mona was leaving the church. Why?? We didn't know. All we know is that one Sunday she was there and the next she wasn't. There was no formal "goodbye" like some of the pastors had recieved in the past. In fact there was NO mention to why Mona wasn't on stage anymore. I sometimes think that Paulk really thinks we are stupid. Like no one would notice the main worship singer no longer on stage. Not to mention, soon after Cindy would also leave. So TWO members of the worship team have mysteriously vanished, and NOT ONE word from ANYONE in the pulpit. Maybe he figured we would all just forget they were even alive??? TOO BAD FOR HIM!!

The first little whispers that I heard was about the fight. In case you are not really up on this part of the tale, I'll give you what I know. Bobby called a meeting with Don, Earl, their wives and James Powers. He said that he wanted to give a donation to the church. Once everyone was there, he read a passage in the bible about adultery and accussed Paulk of sleeping with his wife. Paulk made a smart comment about having lawyers and thats when Bobby beat the sin out of him. Don tried to get involved and got hit too. In the end the Paulks left injured.

Since the accusations have come out, the Brewers have told this story to the media. BUT when I first heard about it, only a hand few of people knew. Most people speculated that "Bobby wanted money" or that "Bishop is selling property, and Bobby wants his cut" It was crazy. Personally I didn't know what to believe at the time, I was just in shock that it had even happened. But in the back of my mind I knew it was something more.

I had a conversation with Donny Earl soon after this happened. He was SO angry that "Bobby had beaten up on two old men" "I'd like him to try and hit me" he went on to say.

Once it all came out...It ALL came out! WATCH BELOW!!!

FOX 5 12/19/05

Paula Zahn CNN 1/16/06

Geraldo 2/20/06


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Thank you so much for yet another EXCELLENT posting! Keep the truth out there, these roaches thrive in darkness but scatter in light.

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