Monday, October 30, 2006

In The Beginning ( A Timeline) Part 2

1992-1994 (continued)
I found this video of Sally Jesse Raphael from 1995. I never remember hearing about this little special at church. Not even my friends ever talked about it, I wonder if they even saw it?

Here is the Link: Sally Jesse Raphael, 4/19/1994

Lets just stop and think about it for a minute. We now have had two major television networks run hour long specials about CHHC, but why did the majority of us continue as normal??

March 1999
A fire destroys the home of the Paulks. Bobby Brewer is credited
with saving Norma Paulks life.

Sidebar---I remember very vivdly when this happened. After the fire the Paulks moved into a mobile home until the house was rebuilt. Many months after this I began to hear the fire was done on purpose. According to MY sources, Norma was trying to hurt herself and lit the place up....I'll get back to this in more detail later.

April 2001
Jessica Battle files suit with the Dekalb County Courts, accusing Paulk of molesting her since
she was 7 years old, and later having sex with her when she was 17.
Paulk denied all claims, and even had Jessica's grandmother, Lynn Mays, speak to the congregation in support of Paulk.

Jessica's case is settled out of court for un undisclosed amount of money.

Sidebar- For my generation this was the largest scandal to date. We all knew Jessica the dancer. She was a few years older than me, but she was a small celebrity at the church. So when these allegations came out it was a shock. I knew something was wrong if Paulks "beloved" dancer was being "influenced by demons" What a bunch of bull! Anyway the rumor mill was crazy. Was Jessica's mom involved? Did other pastors know? I remember going to church just to see if anyone had any new info on the whole thing.

"Beat the Giant" or "Kill the Giant" one of those, was the largest attempt to collect money from the church that I can remember. We were told to the Giant represented our money problems.
Why money problems you ask? According to Paulk, it was because we were trying to pay off the church loan, pay the staff, keep the lights on, blah blah blah. And since we had lost so many members the past few years, we needed to start "Double Tithing". That would make up for it!!! Smart!

When the case got settled out of court, all talk of the Giant slowly went away. Did we ever beat the Giant? I figured that the "undisclosed" amount of money that settled the case, came from those eager Giant "killers" or members if you prefer, that helped pay all those court fees. How stupid could we be? "Evil Jessica" had won right? NO we got dupped again into paying for Paulks sexual affairs, all the while believing his lies and singing "Move with the Clouds", or if you were in the young crowd it was "Stomp".

I feel bad for all that Jessica went through. So part of all this blogging is for her too.


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Good stuff and excellent information. The personal sidebars are great in that they show a member-level reaction to all of these things coming out. Keep it coming!

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